About Moelitist

Yui read my blog, look what happened!

Yui read my blog, look what happened!

I’ve always wanted to have a blog-like thing to express feelings on certain things in anime and/or Japanese culture.. Just never really decided to stop procrastinating and start one. So I finally did after I thought of this kick ass name (I know, be jealous).  A big inspiration too was this guy I know from this really nerdy forum (Shh..) who also blogs about anime and such. If anyone of you want to check him out, go to mikotoism.wordpress.com.  Pretty good stuff over there.

Some things you’ll be seeing if you do actually read my blog include…

  • Reviews of currently airing anime, since I started this blog at the beginning of the Fall 2009 season, that’s probably where I’m going to start.
  • Ranting, and lots of it. Some things in anime piss me off, some people in anime piss me off. Therefore, I will be pissed off and want to rant about it.
  • I’m probably going to scream like a fan-girl at a Jonas Brothers concert at certain moe things. Like when I don’t have anything to write about, I’ll throw in a fantasy situation where I meet Mio from K-On! (Only if she were real).
  • Best of all, I’m going to write whatever I feel like writing, so… yeah. This includes random geyming, trolling I do, expos I attend, etc. All that good stuff, so stay tuned.

That short list pretty much concludes what you are going to see here, except it’s going to be more elaborate than how I did explain it. I’m all hopped up on Mountain Dew while writing this, and going with whatever comes to mind, so… if you want a more detailed description on what’s to be expected.. Too bad.


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