Kampfer 01


Do you like this outfit Avery? I wore it for you.

Unfortunately, this was the only good thing about this episode. And it wasn’t even in the show, it was in the ED…

Ok, ok.. It wasn’t THAT bad. There were some bad parts, and some good, but sadly the bad parts are horrible to the point they make the good parts bad; Cause that totally makes sense.

First of all, I was completely lost in the beginning. I read some stuff before watching this to get a little idea on what the story was about, and it seemed interesting so I gave it a shot.  I can’t say I definitely regret it, but I could have gone without watching it.

The beginning practically starts off with this blue-haired girl doing Parkour all over the place, running from this chick with a pistol that probably weighs more than her (It really looks awkward in her hand). All of a sudden she gets shot, falls, and wakes up. Huh? I know that’s what I said. Anyways, this little zombie tiger plushie named Harikiri hooks her up with very little 411 on why he went from a teenage male, into a busty, gorgeous chick.  If I woke up as a female one day with a little plushie telling me why I’m a female… I’d have this expression as well-



They could have put a little more effort into telling ME and the people actually watching the show what the hell just happened. Would had helped greatly. Moving on…

A what?!

A what?!

This girl and her freaking innuendos. Boy were they annoying! She did like 3 in a row and it was getting on my nerves. I like her better when she’s like this –


I don’t want to spoil the whole episode, but apparently people with blue and red bracelets turn into hotter, weapon-weilding girls (Regardless of their real gender, sucks for you Natsuru!). So.. that explains the transition between characters in the pics, they are indeed the same person.

This wasn’t how the entire episode was, don’t worry. There were some good parts. Including the occasional cut scene to the black bunny plushie insulting Akane, the cliffhanger ending (That’s making me want to watch the second episode), and of course, the wonderful Natsuru (as a female, dur) in a maid outfit during the ED. I love maids. I don’t love this anime… but I do love this anime when it has maids. So I’ll stick around to see if it has more maids.

To sum it up, only two things I enjoyed in this episode were Akane and Natsuru (F) as a maid. If you like gender bending anime that has sometimes cheesy, sometimes funny humor, and a kick ass red-head with a gun. Watch it…

If not, watch To aru kagaku no railgun instead this Fall.



One response to “Kampfer 01

  1. I could just tell what kind of anime this was by watching the opening with a description. This made me lul. xD

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