To aru kagaku no Railgun 02 & 03 – Double blog!


Great series thus far… Except for one little female.

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Stop watching Kampfer as soon as possible.


Yeah, thanks for wasting 23 minutes of my time.

If you thought Kampfer was going to be about badass chicks that fight one another, don’t watch it.

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My favorite day of the year – October 10th – Moe day

Moe Moe Kyun!

Moe moe kyun!

Gentleman… Today, we celebrate Moe!

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First impressions on Sora no Otoshimono, Kobato, and Nyan Koi!

master copy

Somehow this season keeps getting better and better..

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TMA pr0n girls degrade my lovely moe girls.

Who the hell do you think you people are!?

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I forgot what laughing was… Until now 01


Guys, I think I found my favorite show this fall… And it’s dangerously moe.

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Kampfer 01


Do you like this outfit Avery? I wore it for you.

Unfortunately, this was the only good thing about this episode. And it wasn’t even in the show, it was in the ED…

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